Guarantee version 01/01/2023

This is a manufacturer guarantee and not an insurance

Version 01/01/2023 applies to all products purchased on or after 1st January 2023, products purchased before 1st January 2023 the guarantee version 01-11-17 will apply, a copy can be obtained by emailing and asking for a copy of the previous version

All Millar appliances are covered by a 1 year parts and 1 year labour limited guarantee

For the gas hobs this can be extended to 5 years parts and 2 years labour subject to registration. Registration is free and requires the registration card (supplied with each hob) to be filled in and a copy of this to be returned to us within 30 days of date of purchase either via post or electronically. Completed cards returned to us after the 30 day period will not qualify for the extended guarantee period. Incomplete cards returned will not qualify for the extended guarantee. The guarantee is non transferable.  Only one registration card can be registered per hob. Repairs outside of the labour coverage period, must be performed by a qualified gas appliance engineer.  Millar Int’l Ltd will provide the parts free of charge if still covered under the parts section of the guarantee but engineer fees will not be paid by Millar Int’l Ltd outside of the labour cover.

A registered and statutory guarantee is valid for UK customers only, non-UK customers will receive 1-year parts guarantee only with no labour cover. Non-UK customers may receive a parts cover extended to 2-years if purchased through specifically recognised retailers

All appliances must be installed by an engineer and (Within the local law) for gas hobs it is required by law to be installed by a gas safe registered engineer

When claiming under the guarantee, proof of purchase (order ID/No., Payment receipt) and product serial number are required and a certificate of installation is also required (For gas hobs this MUST be a Gas Safe Registered Certificate of installation from when it was installed, A Gas safe annual test certificate will not replace the installation certificate)

no warranty liability will be accepted if the defects stem from transport damage for which we are not responsible, transport damage must be reported within 10 working days of purchase for Millar Int’l Ltd to be able to rectify any damage

Labour cover actioned by Millar int’l LTD in providing an engineer to repair an appliance is limited to providing the relevant part and the engineers fee to attend and replace the part.

Any repairs or modifications, not done by an authorised engineer or minor repairs under instruction from Millar Int’l Ltd, will invalidate the guarantee. Where Millar Int’l Ltd is unable to provide an engineer to repair the appliance, a partial refund of the order may be applied to cover the cost of an engineer provided the engineer is qualified to carry out such repairs. The amount to be refunded would be determined by the current engineer’s cost for a call out at the time and to what extent of a repair is required. If a repair engineer is provided by Millar Int’l LTD, you must provide clear access to the appliance to be repaired and arrange any parking for the engineer to attend. If this requires a parking permit or charge these should be arranged prior to the engineer attending. Any parking fees will not be paid by Millar Int’l LTD. Consideration to where the engineer should park should be made aware to Millar Int’l LTD prior to the engineer attending in case there is no relevant close parking space. Engineers work Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm, appointments outside of these times can not be guaranteed and would need to be confirmed with the local available engineer at the time.

Whilst engineers endeavour to minimise inconvenience and to meet requests for timed appointments, this can not be guaranteed. Millar Int’l LTD will not be liable for delays or if it is unable to carry out a repair because a convenient appointment cannot be arranged. 

Charge(s) might occur for attending a reported fault that is done by misuse, misinstallation and misassembly, mishandling the appliance and improper care or the attending engineer deems there to be no defect in the manufacturing of the appliance. Charges may also apply if the attending engineer is unable to access the appliance for repair or access the property for the agreed appointment. Payment for these charges are due immediately upon the engineer providing the invoice. Millar int’l LTD reserves the right to terminate the guarantee if you fail to pay the charges in a timely manner.

This is a repair-only guarantee. On occasion, Millar Int’l Ltd may at its sole discretion, replace your product with a new product instead of carrying out a repair. Where a replacement is offered, this would normally be an identical model but when this is not possible, a model of similar specification will be provided. Millar Int’l Ltd will cover the costs of the new product and for the delivery of the new product and for the return of the old product. Any costs related to disconnecting the faulty product and installing the replacement product will not be borne by Millar Int’l Ltd unless previously agreed to in writing. The original purchase date guarantee will remain in place on the replaced product.

Appliances are for domestic use only and appliances used commercially will not be covered by the guarantee.

Other claims against the warranty in respect of compensation for consequential or associated loss are excluded, except where such liability is legally mandatory.

Examples of above not covered by the guarantee

Time taken off work.

Damaged food, clothing or other items.

Meals taken at restaurants or from takeaways.

General compensation for inconvenience.

Electrical faults or gas leaks not related to Millar Int’l LTD appliances.

Customers are not entitled to any further claims or claims other than those specified above under this guarantee

Having a copy or holding possession of these terms and conditions of the guarantee does not mean that a product has the benefit of this guarantee, if you have any questions please email our support email address on

The parts cover is limited to parts which are deemed to be a manufacturing defect and not defects which arise from incorrect use (see user manual for correct usage) and to parts required for normal function of the appliance.

Parts not covered under the guarantee are parts which are classed as cosmetic, consumable and wear and tear parts such as rubber feet, rubber seals, plastic parts, control knobs, igniters, pan supports, bulbs, fuses, handles, filters, wire racks and oven trays

Accidental damage occurring while replacing cosmetic and consumable parts is also not covered

Glass is exempt from the 1 year guarantee and the extended guarantee due to the nature of glass. Should the glass have a manufacturer defect, this would present it self fairly quickly with use of the oven, hob, hood or microwave and we allow up to 6 months from purchase date where at Millar int’l LTD discretion we may replace the glass for a like for like. This includes hoods with glass surround, microwave turntable, hob glass tops and oven door inner glass

On gas hobs, valve re greasing is covered for 12 months only and not extendable under the guarantee extension cover. Depending on the usage of the control knobs, valves may require an engineer to re grease them

Second hand or refurbished hobs, hoods, ovens and microwaves are not covered by any guarantee 

Any physical or verbal abuse is against Millar Int’l LTD policy, anyone proving to be abusive will lose their right to any guarantee either statutory or extended with immediate effect 

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