The best way to clean the pan supports is to soak them in warm water with laundry washing powder (it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals as some washing-up liquids do). You can add some baking soda if the powder does not contain it. Once soaked you can clean the pan supports with a scourer. Once they dry, please apply cooking oil on their surface to season them and bake for 30 minutes in the oven with a temperature of 180 degrees. Seasoning will keep the pan supports shiny.

If you own one of our hob models such as the GH7051PB, all of the models with the GH7051P part of the code have interchangeable glass. This means if you want to change the glass for a fresh new look and colour you can do that. It is a few easy steps to replace the glass, and it does not require any specialist equipment or an engineer to do it. You won’t have to uninstall the hob and can leave it exactly where it is, just switch it off from the electrics until you have finished replacing the glass.

1. First, disassemble the parts as per the first photograph. Make sure to take the pan supports, burner caps, flame spreaders, and knobs off the top so you are left with just the glass and the drip trays.

2. Use a screwdriver to undo each of the screws on the drip trays and put them out of the way. Then carefully lift off your old glass. Once the glass has been removed, make sure to take the rubber seals off the burner holes if they didnt come off when you took the drip trays off. Dont forget the rubber seals where the knobs would sit on the glass too.

3. Attach the foam sealant to the bottom edges of the new glass. Put the new glass on the hob and reassemble all of the parts and you are finished.

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